Creating for the future

We believe the best way to have the future we want is to create one.

About Us

One of the fastest growing groups

INITIO GROUP is one of the fastest growing corporate groups in Nordic and Baltic regions. Founded in 2012 in Kaunas, Lithuania, it quickly grew into a diverse portfolio of companies covering areas from steel manufacturing, constructions, real estate development to management of human resources and EV charging infrastructure.

80+ mil.







Enabling EV Charging Infrastructure

We believe that electric transportation is the future and our mission is to help to empower it. Therefore, we work tirelessly to accommodate EV users with the best EV charging solutions across various markets (Europe, Asia, US) in order to reduce pollution, save money and improve the quality of life.


Investing in sustainable Real Estate Developments

We invest in real estate developments that not only fit the highest quality requirements, but also reduce the environmental impact. We want to create home and work environments for our clients that increase their quality of life and stand the test of time.


Enabling construction industry with the highest quality steel service

INITIO GROUP operates a modern reinforcing steel service company that furthers their commitments to sustainable developments. We provide our clients in the construction industry with the best one-stop service – distribution, fabrication and installation of reinforcing steel products in Scandinavian and Baltic markets.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to our sustainable mission & vision driven by value creation for our stakeholders. Our values drive us to be better everyday and consistently deliver the results for our stakeholders.


INITIO GROUP aims to become a benchmark of an innovative corporation in the Nordic and Baltic regions by focusing on adding value for its stakeholders while taking care about the environment and local communities that surround us.


Innovation – Bold decisions, common sense and forward thinking fuels our strategy to be the best at what we do, help us to escape “corporate bureaucracy”, try new things and evaluate opportunities with an open mind.

Leadership – Our goal is not only to lead the way, but also empower our stakeholders to be better at what they do. We believe in opportunity and collaboration, as the way forward to our success.

Excellence – We achieve excellence by providing reliable, high quality products and services, while always being accountable for what we offer at a cost effective way.

Sustainability – We believe in the sustainable future and that taking care of the environment that surrounds us is one of the key factors to anyone’s success. Therefore, we are committed to the waste reduction and sustainability not only with words, but by businesses that we operate in (EV charging infrastructure or steel manufacturing).


Investment in Inovators

We believe in advancing ourselves by investing in our community members with the same passion for innovative and sustainable business models. INITIO GROUP is on the mission to provide growth opportunities for key talent, young entrepreneurs or startups, so if you believe that you have an idea drop us a line.